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With our comprehensive Cloud Services powered by Concerto, you have the power of choice. Whether you are looking to maximize public cloud (Azure/AWS), or leverage our expertise around security and compliance with Sounetu virtual private cloud (VPC), there is a multi-cloud solution that fits your business needs. To take full advantage of the public cloud, we bring together the right blend of technical expertise while utilizing a cost-effective and flexible environment.

Why Choose Us?
As cloud pioneers, we’ve helped customers deploy solutions in both the private and public sector in various industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Logistic/transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional Services
  • Retail & Ecommerce


Our dedicated Governance, Regulatory and Compliance (GRC) team takes the guesswork and effort out of managing compliance. With Sounetu, your application is compliant the second it’s hosted in our cloud.

More Services

Cloud Advisory Cloud Advisory
Sound IT advice with a deep focus on helping you determine where workloads are best placed. Our experts can help!
Private Cloud Private Cloud
A fully-managed, reliable and scalable private cloud.
Public Cloud Public Cloud
Management and integration services for Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environments.
Hybrid Cloud Hybrid Cloud
Public, private and on-premise: multiple clouds, united seamlessly.
Solution Cloud Solution Cloud
Specialized cloud solutions for specific needs, such as industry verticals (e.g. healthcare) and platforms (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics).
Cloud-Centric Cloud-Centric
Cloud-based desktop and IT services take the burden out of managing infrastructure. Delivered with expert services that extend your IT department.
Compliances Compliances
Tier 1 Rank Microsoft CSP Program, ITAR and adherence to Safe Harbor

Solution cloud for specific line-of-business and industry

Pre-designed cloud infrastructure, hardware templates and protocols address industry- and business-specific needs including Sounetu Cloud for Healthcare and Sounetu Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics.

A fully managed hybrid cloud for healthcare

Get a hybrid cloud solution purposefully-developed for the unique requirements of today’s healthcare industry. Our experts’ design, deploy and fully manage a solution that enables you to integrate all your applications — on-premise, private and public clouds — seamlessly and with little to no disruption to your business.

The highest level of security and service

The best in the class cloud for Healthcare delivers the industry’s highest level of security and data privacy, allowing you to exceed your security, compliance and service requirements. Benefit from built-in HIPAA compliance from the application down through the physical layer.


  • Sounetu collaborates with stakeholders to uncover the challenges that prevent them from providing optimal customer experience and increased productivity.
  • We apply a repeatable and proven methodology to get a better understanding of your business objectives to create an effective action plan.
  • Our holistic approach allows us to recommend a real-world and measurable project plan, business process, and IT solution for your organization.

  • Sounetu understands that selecting the right software is one the most critical decisions for business leaders.
  • Using our proprietary Software Selection Maturity Model, we evaluate the state of your organization’s selection process and put you at ease to choose the software that best fits your business goals, requirements, and processes.
  • Our software selection process prevents your organization’s projects from failing or being over budget.



  • Sounetu professionals have a wealth of experience in the field of ERP systems implementations, managing technology projects, and programs.
  • We think through different project management methodologies based on the unique nature of the project, your organizational structure, and the project’s goals.
  • We make sure your organization programs and projects are aligned with your strategic goals, as well as the mission and vision of your company.
  • We create a project timeline and plan that fully address project risks, budget, and schedule.

  • Sounetu’s professionals will work with your business leaders and analysts to understand your existing business process throughout the organization.
  • We clarify who does what, how processes are performed, and by what standards they are measured.
  • We standardize processes across internal and external systems and develop a process flow that addresses business and economic best practices.